Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Lisa surveyed herself in the mirror. Her slender figure was shown to perfection by the black lace teddy. Her ample tits were almost bursting out of it. She looked at the clock. Jimmy would be here any minute.

She went downstairs. Jimmy was her son Billy's best friend. He didn't know what he was in for! She had sent Billy into the next town to pick up her dry cleaning. It wasn't ready to be picked up, but by the time Billy figured that out, she would have executed her plan.

The asian teens in bikini rang and Lisa went to open it. Jimmy stood there. "Hello, Jimmy," Lisa said with a smile.

Jimmy was trying not to ogle Lisa's tits.

"Uhhhh . . . hi, Mrs. Shelby. Is Billy home?"

"No, Billy, not right now. I sent him to do an errand. Do you want to wait?"

Jimmy stepped inside and took a seat on the couch. Lisa sat down across from him and spread her legs. Jimmy swallowed hard and tugged at the collar of his shirt. teen girls naked
"Like what you see, Jimmy?"

Jimmy nodded hastily. "Yes, ma'am."

Lisa stood and went over to where her son's best friend sat. "Go on and touch my titties, Jimmy. I know you want to."

Hesitantly, bikini teen photo reached out and squeezed one. Then he squeezed both. Lisa dropped to her knees in front of him as he squeezed her tits. She grabbed the back of Jimmy's neck and pulled his face down for a deep tongue kiss.

"Oh, Jimmy! Squeeze my titties!" Lisa moaned.

Lisa then pushed his hands away and freed the button teen russian sex zipper on Jimmy's jeans. He wore no underwear, and his huge hard cock sprang into her hands.

"Mmmmm . . . what a nice hard cock you have there, Jimmy! Would you like for me to suck it? I'll swallow your cum if you want me to."

Jimmy nodded jerkily and Lisa took Jimmy's hard cock in her mouth and began sucking. Jimmy moaned as Lisa flicked her tongue over gay hawaiian men the head and began bobbing her head up and down on his cock. He grasped the sides of her blond head.

"Suck harder, Mrs. Shelby!"

Lisa sucked even harder than she thought possible. She felt Jimmy's woman sex hot teen girl balls tighten when teen girls naked she cradled them in her hand and knew he was going to cum in her mouth. He moaned and cried, "Oh, shit! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cum in your mouth, Mrs. Shelby!"

Within early teen blowjobs seconds, he sprayed his load into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

"Now, Jimmy, this carpet is nice and soft. I want you to get down here so I can teach you how swimming teens fuck."

He sat down on the floor and watched wide-eyed as Lisa took off her teddy. She pointed to her clean shaven pussy. "Now, Jimmy, I want you to lick me there so you can taste my honey. Do you want to taste my honey, Jimmy?"

Another nod from Jimmy was all Lisa needed. She spread her legs sexy teen hottie and Jimmy put his face level with her pussy and began licking. Lisa moaned.

"How does it taste, Jimmy?"

He lifted his head. "It tastes good, Mrs. Shelby!"

After a few minutes of pussy licking, Lisa told Jimmy to fuck her.

"All you have to do, Jimmy, is get here on top of me and in between my legs. Then take you cock and slide it in my pussy. And I'll teach you how to fuck. You teen fuck gay to fuck me, don't you, Jimmy?"

"Oh, yes, Mrs. Shelby! I want to fuck you! Has Billy ever fucked you?"

"No, but I might let him! Now, put that gorgeous cock in my little pussy!"

Jimmy slid his cock into Lisa's pussy.

"Oh, God, Mrs. Shelby, it's so tight and wet! What do I do now?"

Lisa began to move her hips. "Move with me, Jimmy! Move with me so your cum can spew up inside my pussy!"
pics of teens in group sex began moving with Lisa, pumping teen sex picture download cock into her hot little cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Lisa yelled.

Jimmy moved teen girls naked "Oh, FUCK ME!!! I'M CUMMMING!!" Jimmy screamed.

"I'm cumming, too, baby! Shoot that hot cock in my pussy, Jimmy!"

That was all Jimmy needed to hear. He shot stream after stream of hot thick cum into Lisa's convulsing pussy.

She was breathing heavily when Jimmy rolled off her.

"You are one great fuck, Jimmy. A fast learner. I want you here again next weekend while Billy's away camping. We'll fuck and suck all weekend long."

"I'd sure like that, Mrs. Shelby!"

Lisa smiled to herself and thought of all the boys she could fuck when bbs teen lo-fix brought them over.